How to adapt with a changing life.

Life is a journey, everyone I have shared an experience with, sang it out loud to me. It is true… Life is a journey, an adventure, it is what we live. Try rewind to yesterday, and see if today is an exact replica of that yesterday. There has to be atleast a split second that has made that day unique, from today. Life is a magical experience on its own, live it, do not dread it!

The bright light pierced my eyes, the first time I saw daylight, instantly I burst out into tears, letting out shrills that almost cracked glass. My life began… I took my first breath, that felt like I inhaled poisonous gas. It choked me, and it was the first obstacle I faced in my life. It was my sole duty to adapt to the situation in hand, and fight my way to success- it was the only way forward.

What message am I trying to deliver?

Well, we all started off with an attitude that would drive us to the top seats of any company, any charitable organisation, any government office, we were ready to be successful people. We managed to attain a zeal, whereby we would not let anything come in our path of success. But where did all that go?

As we all grew up, somehow, we have crossed paths and taken the wrong road. This pathetic change in course, have made us think negatively, due to this we undermine our intellect and we see everything from a different perspective- a negative attitude. Why?

We all have different inner spirits that are hiding within our souls, try to pierce through and find its way to life. Nonetheless we do all it takes to poorly suppress these dreams- it is as if they were, ‘senseless dreams.’ We are shy of failing, and find it a humiliation to engage in any activity that we are new in. Our inner conscience kicks in and preaches, ‘do not bother; you are not good at it.’ Why can’t we separate our brain from our conscience and do what we think is right? Why?

Look back, did u really want to be in the profession you are currently in? Seriously did you want to be an employee of some big shot who earns a stinking fortune, while he or she pays you peanuts- just enough to put three ordinary meals on your family dining table? Then we simply make stupid excuses to get away with our inner guilt, our inner conflict- ‘well, I was never given a chance.’ You are never too old to indulge in a course that can brighten your future. Life has become pretty facile, with all the new technological advancements, which we cannot survive without. So wake up people, it is time to change your life, it is time for you to let reality slap you in the face, it is only you who can improve your life.



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